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Alternative forms


poena f (genitive poenae); first declension

  1. penalty
  2. punishment
  3. (figuratively) execution


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative poena poenae
genitive poenae poenārum
dative poenae poenīs
accusative poenam poenās
ablative poenā poenīs
vocative poena poenae

Derived terms

Related terms


  • Sicilian: pena
  • Spanish: pena
  • Swedish: pina
  • Venetian: pena
  • Walloon: poenne
  • Welsh: poen


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    • to revenge oneself on some one: ulcisci aliquem, poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • to revenge oneself for a thing: ulcisci aliquid, poenas alicuius rei expetere
    • to revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf: poenas alicuius or alicuius rei repetere ab aliquo
    • to punish some one: poena afficere aliquem (Off. 2. 5. 18)
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenas alicuius persequi
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenam petere, repetere ab aliquo
    • to exact a penalty from some one: poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • to ordain as punishment that..: hanc poenam constituere in aliquem, ut...
    • to be (heavily) punished by some one: poenas (graves) dare alicui
    • to be punished by some one (on account of a thing): poenas alicui pendere (alicuius rei)
    • to suffer punishment: poenas dependere, expendere, solvere, persolvere
    • to suffer punishment: poenam (alicuius rei) ferre, perferre
    • to be punished for a thing, expiate it: poenam luere (alicuius rei) (Sull. 27. 76)
    • to submit to a punishment: poenam subire
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