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See also: ほう



ぼう (romaji )

  1. : (on'yomi, only used in compounds) people, subjects


ぼう (romaji )

  1. 暮雨: rain in the evening
  2. : a boy; a bonze, a Buddhist monk
  3. : a hat
  4. : a room, particularly a small room on the side of a larger hall; a monastery
  5. : violence; illegality; unreasonableness
  6. : the full moon; the 15th day of the month in the lunar calendar; one method of diagnosis in Chinese medicine
  7. : an undisclosed something, someone or somewhere
  8. : a bar or staff (as of wood or metal)
  9. : a shape or form; one's complexion; appearance

Proper noun

ぼう (romaji )

  1. : one of the 28 traditional Japanese constellations, the Pleiades


ぼう (transitive, godan conjugation, romaji bou, historical hiragana ぼふ)

  1. 追う: to follow, to chase