Definition 2024





かたい (-i inflection, romaji katai)

  1. 硬い: keeping its physical shape or appearance under a force: stiff
  2. 固い: keeping its shape or behaviour even under other influences: hard, firm
  3. 堅い: keeping its shape or behaviour by its excellent quality: rigid, serious
  4. 難い: hard to do, difficult


かたい (romaji katai)

  1. 乞丐, 乞食, 傍居: begging, panhandling
  2. 下腿: the lower leg, between knee and ankle
  3. 化体: a manifestation
  4. 過怠, 科怠: negligence
  5. 歌体: the main theme or expression of a song or poem; the form of a 和歌 (waka, traditional Japanese poem)
  6. 禍胎: the origin of a disaster, the cause of a calamity
  7. 靴帯: a shoelace (rare, obsolete)