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[L., a ribbon, a tapeworm.]
A genus of intestinal worms which includes the common tapeworms of man. See
A band; a structural line; – applied to several bands and lines of nervous matter in the brain.
The fillet, or band, at the bottom of a Doric frieze, separating it from the architrave.

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See also: Taenia and tænia



Alternative forms


taenia (plural taenias or taeniae)

  1. (historical) A ribbon worn in the hair in ancient Greece.
    • 2002, John Griffiths Pedley, Mario Torelli (editors), Section III: Hellenistic Figurines, K: Fenale Heads, Il Santuario Di Santa Venera a Paestum, University of Michigan Press, page 212,
      Taenia and ivy leaves are added by hand. Figure wears a taenia horizontally over her brow and a spray of ivy in her hair.
  2. (architecture, Doric architecture) A band between the frieze and architrave in the Doric order.
    • 2004, William Bell Dinsmoor, The Propylaia to the Athenian Acropolis, Volume 2: The Classical Building, page 165,
      The height of the taenia was likewise determined with regard to the total height of the epistyle, and again, although we should not expect a proportion of less than one-twelfth of the total height (as in the Parthenon), it is reduced to one-thirteenth, executed as 0.089-0.090 m.
  3. (anatomy) Any of several ribbon-like bands of tissue.
    • 2004, Janice C. Colwell, Fecal and Urinary Diversions: Management and Principles, page 49,
      Each taenia traverses one of the following surfaces of the colon: the anterior surface, the posteroinferior surface, and the posterosuperior surface.
    • 2006, Richard L. Drake, Chapter 128: Anatomy of the Colon, Josef E. Fischer, Kirby I. Bland, Mark P. Callery (editors), Mastery of Surgery, Volume 1, page 1424,
      The general characteristics of the colon are its large caliber; the presence of pemdant-shaped bodies of fat enclosed by peritoneum, called omental appendices; and the longitudinal muscle in its walls, which forms three narrow, ribbon-like bands called taeniae coli. The locations of the taeniae are useful landmarks and are specific in relation to the position of the colon itself. The posterior taenia, or tenia omental, is found on the posterolateral border of the ascending and descending colons and the anterior border of the transverse colon. The anterior taenia, or tenia libera, [] .
    • 2006, Hung Tzu Wen, Antônio C. M. Mussi, Albert L. Rhoton Jr, Evandro de Oliveira, Helder Tedeschi, Chapter 41: Surgical Approaches to Lesions Located in the Lateral, Third, and Fourth Ventricles, Laligam N. Sekhar, Richard Glenn Fessler (editors), Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Brain, page 535,
      The choroid plexus is attached medially to the body of the fornix by the taenia fornicis and laterally to the thalamus by the taenia choroidea. The taenia is actually a continuation of the ependyma that covers the ventricular cavity over the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle.
    • 2009, Carol E. H. Scott-Conner, Operative Anatomy, page 542,
      The taenia selected will generally be the so-called omental taenia, from which the greater omentum arises.
  4. (biology) Any species of the genus Taenia of tapeworms.
    • 1835, W. B. Joy, Worms, John Forbes, Alexander Tweedie, John Conolly (editors), The Cyclopædia of Practical Medicine, Volume 4, page 545,
      About an hour after the last dose, that is, in three hours after commencing the remedy, an entire tænia was voided alive, no other effect than a slight nausea having been experienced by the patient. [] On plunging living tæniae either into the decoction, or into the mixture of the pomegranate bark and water, they writhe and manifest great suffering.

Derived terms

  • taeniacide
  • taeniae coli:
    • taenia libera
    • taenia mesocolica
    • taenia omentalis



From Latin taenia, from Ancient Greek ταινία (tainía, ribbon, tape).


taenia f (plural taenias)

  1. taenia
  2. Alternative spelling of ténia



From Ancient Greek ταινία (tainía, ribbon, tape).



taenia f (genitive taeniae); first declension

  1. ribbon
  2. tapeworm
  3. taenia (band between the frieze and architrave in the Doric order)
  4. ribbonfish


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative taenia taeniae
genitive taeniae taeniārum
dative taeniae taeniīs
accusative taeniam taeniās
ablative taeniā taeniīs
vocative taenia taeniae