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See also: símbols



simbols m (1st declension)

  1. symbol (a sign or group of signs — image, ornament, object, music, text, etc. — which represents an idea or phenomenon in society, in nature, etc.)
    brīvības simbols ― a symbol of freedom
    miera simbols ― a symbol of peace
    varonības simbols ― a symbol of heroism
    revolūcijas simbols ― a symbol of revolution
    varas simbols ― a symbol of power
    skaistuma, gudrības simbols ― a symbol of beauty, of wisdom
    Rīgas simbols ― a symbol of Riga
    ar valsts simboliem (ģerboni, karogu vai himnu) sastapties mums nākas diezgan bieži ― we came across the state symbols (coat of arms, flag and anthem) rather often
  2. symbol (a sign used in a technical or scientific field to represent a certain idea, entity, or quantity)
    matemātiskais, ķīmiskais simbols ― mathematical, chemical symbol
    simbolu sistēma ― a system of symbols (= a symbolic system)



Derived terms