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तन्त्र (tantra) n

  1. a loom.
  2. the warp.
  3. the leading or principal or essential part, main point, characteristic feature, model, type, system, framework.
  4. doctrine, rule, theory, scientific work, chapter of such a work.
  5. a class of works teaching magical and mystical formularies (mostly in the form of dialogues between शिव and दुर्गा and said to treat of 5 subjects, 1. the creation, 2. the destruction of the world, 3. the worship of the gods, 4. the attainment of all objects, especially of 6 superhuman faculties, 5. the 4 modes of union with the supreme spirit by meditation.
  6. a spell.
  7. oath or ordeal.
  8. N. of a सामन् (also called ‘ that of विरूप ’).
  9. an army.
  10. a row, number, series, troop.
  11. a means which leads to two or more results, contrivance.
  12. a drug (esp. one of specific faculties).
  13. wealth.
  14. a house.
  15. happiness.



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