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oh my Goddess



oh my Goddess!

  1. Said in excitement, shock, awe, dismay, or supplication.
    Oh my Goddess, I cannot believe that just crawled out of the sink!
    • 2001, Susan Jane Gilman, Kiss My Tiara: how to rule the world as a smartmouth goddess:
      Chronic dieting is self-absorption taken to an art form. And, oh my Goddess, can it make us sanctimonious! Dieters are worse than people who've found religion: We have seen the Lite, and it is Weight Watchers' ranch dressing. [...] Women are starving in Africa, North Korea, the Balkans, and even the US.
    • 2002, Terry J. Kunkel, Is Wanting Enough?, pages 557560:
      While Peregrine used the bathroom Eryn wandered around the pavilion exploring.
      She screamed. Her scream reached Peregrine where he sat.
      Oh my goddess, oh my goddess. Get that thing outta here.”
      Peregrine ran from behind the shoji. Perhaps a viper had slithered down from the overhead branches.
    • 2007, Christine Jordan, Indigo, page 131:
      Being invited to Monkey World was one thing but Brazil! ‘Oh my Goddess! Oh my Goddess!’ Indigo chanted quietly whilst fumbling with her rucksack. ‘I'd have to ask Dad,’ cautioned Brandon.
    • 2008, Tate Hallaway, Romancing the Dead:
      “Are you all right?” he whispered softly.
      Oh my Goddess,” I said. “Let's do that again.” And so we did, only with variations on the theme, until I finally remembered we were supposed to be doing protective magic. By that time, I was too physically exhausted to summon anything [...]
    • 2009, Gerry Bartlett, Real Vampires Don't Diet:
      The moon came out from behind a cloud and she got a good look at Ray. “Oh. My. Goddess.” The man always has that effect on women. I felt a surge of hope. Ray's not shy.