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Alternative forms

  • off-beat, off beat


offbeat (plural offbeats)

  1. (music) The beats not normally accented in a measure.
    The congregation clapped along on the offbeat.
  2. (slang) An unconventional person, someone who does not follow the beat, who chooses not to conform.
    • 1977, Lyle W Dorsett, The Queen City: a history of Denver
      No one dignified such offbeats by responding to their outcries. Today, the "knockers of progress" have become a force that cannot be ignored.
    • 1980, Eleanor C. Hein, Communication in nursing practice, ISBN 0316354538, 9780316354530, page 16:
      Being an oddball, an offbeat, or a creative person, as Jourard sees the committed professional, is something all nurses should risk.
    • 2001, Andrew Yoder, Pirate Radio Stations
      In addition to creating a web of stories that will be passed through many generations, these offbeats usually strengthen the fiber of their particular hobby...


offbeat (comparative more offbeat, superlative most offbeat)

  1. Unusual, unconventional, not ordinary.
    He has such an offbeat sense of humor that hardly anyone finds his jokes amusing.