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See also: mop water



mopwater (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of mop water
    • 1949, Cornell University, Epoch, p196
      Below in the narrow valley, a gray stream simmered, no more than a trickle of mopwater in summer.
    • 1998, Loudell Snow, Walkin' Over Medicine, p92
      The wary householder might also sprinkle salt around the house to keep away unwanted visitors, add a dollop of pepper and a little urine to the mopwater to prohibit the entry of evil spirits, ...
    • 2004, Joe Jackson, How I Left the Great State of Tennessee and Went on to Better Things, p39
      He was a scrawny sort, not over seventeen, with pimples in the corners of his lips and hair the color of mopwater.