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hūmānitās f (genitive hūmānitātis); third declension

  1. humanity, human nature
  2. kindness, courtesy
  3. culture, civilization


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative hūmānitās hūmānitātēs
genitive hūmānitātis hūmānitātum
dative hūmānitātī hūmānitātibus
accusative hūmānitātem hūmānitātēs
ablative hūmānitāte hūmānitātibus
vocative hūmānitās hūmānitātēs



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    • to be quite uncivilised: omnis cultus et humanitatis expertem esse
    • to be quite uncivilised: ab omni cultu et humanitate longe abesse (B. G. 1. 1. 3)
    • to teach a person refinement: aliquem ad humanitatem informare or instituere
    • the usual subjects taught to boys: artes, quibus aetas puerilis ad humanitatem informari solet
    • to be quite insensible to all feelings of humanity: omnem humanitatem exuisse, abiecisse (Lig. 5. 14)
    • to be quite insensible of all feelings to humanity: omnem humanitatis sensum amisisse
    • to be absolutely wanting in sympathy: omnis humanitatis expertem esse
    • to stifle, repress all humane sentiments in one's mind: omnem humanitatem ex animo exstirpare (Amic. 13. 48)
    • a most courteous letter: litterae officii or humanitatis plenae
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