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here's looking at you



here's looking at you

  1. A toast made to a friend or acquaintance when drinking an alcoholic beverage.
    • 1894, Robert Barr, In the Midst of Alarms, ch. 4:
      "Here's looking at you," said Yates, strolling into the barn, taking a telescopic metal cup from his pocket, and clinking it into receptive shape by a jerk of the hand. He offered the now elongated cup to Hiram, who declined any such modern improvement.
      "Help yourself in that thing. The jug's good enough for me."
    • 1915, Robert Frost, "A Hundred Collars":
      "I drink out of the bottle—not your style.
      Mayn't I offer you—?"
      "No, no, no, thank you."
      "Just as you say. Here's looking at you then."
    • 2009, Catelin Hoover, The Assignment, ISBN 9781449052829, p. 105 (Google preview):
      Here's looking at you, Dave, old man,” Nick gestured a toast with a half filled punch cup.