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ubication (countable and uncountable, plural ubications)

  1. The condition or fact of being in, or occupying, a certain place or position; location; whereness; ubiety.
    • 1644, Digby, Nat. Soule, v., §9., 400:
      We conceiue these modifications if the thing, like substances; and…we call them by substantiue names, Whitenesse, Action, Vbication, Duration, &c.
    • 1661, Glanvill, Van Dogm., 101:
      Relations, Ubications, Duration, the vulgar Philosophy admits into the list of something.
    • 1699, Burnet, 39 Art., xxviii. (1700), 324:
      They are accustomed to think that Ubication, or the being in a Place, is but an Accident to a Substance.
    • 1837, Whewell, Hist. Induct. Sci., II., vi., ii., § 5., 45:
      Arriaga, who wrote in 1639,…suggests that the board affects the upper weight, which it does not touch, by its ubication, or whereness.
    • 1866, T.N. Harper, Peace through Truth, Ser. i., 212:
      The terminus ad quem is already existing, and merely receives a new ubication.
    • 1892 August 5th, Standard:
      The constant identity of the ubication and direction of the lines [in Mars] proved their connection with the soil.
    • 1952, Applied Mechanics Reviews, №?, page 103/2:
      The ubication of such a joint should be obtained as the point of intersection of the three planes normal to the directions of the lines joining the joint considered with the other three.

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