Webster 1828 Edition



Broken or dashed to pieces; rent; disordered.

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  1. simple past tense and past participle of shatter


shattered (comparative more shattered, superlative most shattered)

  1. physically broken into pieces
    • 1907, Harold Bindloss, chapter 30, in The Dust of Conflict:
      It was by his order the shattered leading company flung itself into the houses when the Sin Verguenza were met by an enfilading volley as they reeled into the calle.
  2. emotionally defeated or dispirited
    • 2000 Lionel Robbins, A history of economic thought: the LSE lectures, Princeton University Press, p221
      Well, she died after seven years of marriage, and Mill thought that he was shattered, and shattered no doubt he was, in the sense of this absolutely irreparable emotional loss.
    • 2000 Nellie McHenry, Forbidden Dreams of Love, chapter 26
      She refused to see him for two days. He was shattered. He sent his apologies.
    • 2010 Mary Alice Beasley, Shattered Lens: A Tale of Domestic Violence and Redemption Through Love, AuthorHouse, p261
      Yes, he had gotten his revenge for my rejection. I was shattered but remained silent.
  3. (Britain, colloquial) extremely tired or exhausted
    I stayed up all night working, and now I'm completely shattered.