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Provender. [Not in use.]

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provand (countable and uncountable, plural provands)

  1. (dated) provender
    • 1898, Neil Munro, John Splendid:
      I had always a ready fancy and some of the natural vanity of youth, so I could see myself landing off the lugger at the quay of Inneraora town, three inches more of a man than when I left with a firkin of herring and a few bolls of meal for my winter's provand; thicker too at the chest, and with a jacket of London green cloth with brass buttons.
    • 1911, Marie de France, French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France:
      He gave no heed to his horse, but left him at his provand in the meadow.
    • 1919, Frederic Moorman, More Tales of the Ridings:
      Tak a seat at t' top o' bag o' provand, Kester; Betty and Will can hug chairs to t' fire, and lile Joe Moon mun sit on t' end o' t' bed."