Webster 1913 Edition



In part; in some measure of degree; not wholly.
“I partly believe it.”
1 Cor. xi. 18.

Webster 1828 Edition



In part; in some measure or degree; not wholly.

Definition 2022





partly (not comparable)

  1. In part, or to some degree, but not completely.
    • 2011 October 1, Phil Dawkes, Sunderland 2-2 West Brom”, in BBC Sport:
      Five minutes into the game the Black Cats were facing a mountain, partly because of West Brom's newly-found ruthlessness in front of goal but also as a result of the home side's defensive generosity.
    • 2012, Christoper Zara, Tortured Artists: From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the World's Most Creative Minds, part 1, chapter 1, 27:
      Clara's cultural cache soon gave way to Betty Boop, the iconic cartoon flapper created partly in her image by animator Grim Natwick.
    • 2013 June 21, Oliver Burkeman, The tao of tech”, in The Guardian Weekly, volume 189, number 2, page 48:
      The dirty secret of the internet is that all this distraction and interruption is immensely profitable. Web companies like to boast about [] and so on. But the real way to build a successful online business is to be better than your rivals at undermining people's control of their own attention. Partly, this is a result of how online advertising has traditionally worked: advertisers pay for clicks, and a click is a click, however it's obtained.
    they partly finished the house so they could move in before winter;  the car was partly visible in the garage

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