Webster 1913 Edition



[Perh. dim. of Prov. E.
a hook, and so named from its round shape. See
The hip; the haunch.
A bunch or part projecting like the hip.
Huckle bone
The hip bone; the innominate bone.
A small bone of the ankle; astragalus.

Webster 1828 Edition



[infra.] The hip, that is, a bunch.

Definition 2022





huckle (plural huckles)

  1. (obsolete) The hip, the haunch.
    • 1676, A Way to Get Wealth, Book I, page 5
      [] which approves a quick gathering up of his legs withoute pain, his huckle bones round and hidden,
    • 1687, The History of the Most Renowned Don Quixote of Mancha and His Trusty Squire (translated by JP), Book II, page 433:
      At what time Don Quixote, who had very much bruis'd his Huckle-bone, with a Hipshot grace approaching the Lady fell upon his Knees []
    • 1837, John French Burke, British husbandry: exhibiting the farming practice, page 392:
      Next, the hand may be laid upon his huckle-bones, and if the parts there likewise feel firm, round, and plump, it may be safely concluded that he is well fed both externally and internally, — that is, both in flesh and tallow.
  2. A bunch or part projecting like the hip.
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  3. (Geordie, pejorative) A homosexual man.
    • 2001 March 29, denislindridge [username], “Promotion”, in, Usenet:
      When moving into our present dwelling some 6 months ago..the puchase of a new bed was of primary importance.The puchase was completed by a right huckle who didn`t realise the importance of the "squeek" factor in the purchase of such an item.
    • 2002, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
      He’s not! He can’t be! There's never been a huckle in the Osbourne family, and we can trace our lineage all the way back to the Second World War.
    • 2003 December 12, Finchy [username], “Re: Gay bars / Meatloaf - Re: SAFC - Hartlepool”, in, Usenet:
      Sorry !
      Only into birds.
      Why not get yourself along to the SOL. Plenty of huckles there.