Definition 2023



See also: 媳妇


daughter in law woman
trad. (媳婦)
simp. (媳妇)



  1. wife; partner
  2. any married woman
  3. daughter-in-law

Usage notes

  • To avoid ambiguity, the daughter-in-law sense is often replaced by 兒媳婦儿媳妇 (érxífù) in conversations where such distinction needs to be made.


  • (wife): 妻子 (qīzǐ)
  • (daughter-in-law):
Dialectal synonyms of 媳婦 (“daughter-in-law”)
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese 媳婦新婦
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 媳婦兒媳
Mandarin Beijing 媳婦兒兒媳婦兒媳婦
Taiwan 媳婦兒媳婦
Harbin 媳婦兒兒媳婦兒
Shenyang 媳婦兒媳婦
Jinan 媳婦兒媳婦
Muping 媳婦子
Luoyang 兒媳婦兒
Wanrong 娃媳婦、兒媳婦
Xi'an 媳婦子、媳婦兒兒媳婦兒
Xining 兒媳婦
Xuzhou 兒媳婦兒
Yinchuan 媳婦兒媳婦
Ürümqi 媳婦兒兒媳婦兒
Wuhan 媳婦、媳婦伢
Chengdu 媳婦兒
Guiyang 媳婦
Liuzhou 媳婦
Kunming 媳婦
Yangzhou 媳婦
Nanjing 兒媳婦
Hefei 媳婦
Nantong 新婦
Cantonese Guangzhou 新婦
Hong Kong 新婦
Dongguan 新婦
Taishan 新婦
Yangjiang 新婦
Gan Nanchang 新婦媳婦
Lichuan 新婦
Pingxiang 新婦
Hakka Meixian 心臼
Xingning 心臼
Huidong (Huizhou) 心臼
Qujiang 新婦
Xiaosanjiang 心臼
Changting 新婦
Pingyu 心臼
Wuping 生娓
Liancheng 新婦
Ninghua 新婦
Yudu 新婦
Ruijin 新婦
Shicheng 新婦
Shangyou 新婦
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 心臼
Liudui (S. Sixian) 心臼
Hsinchu (Hailu) 心臼
Dongshi (Dabu) 心臼
Zhuolan (Raoping) 新婦
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 新婦
Hui Jixi 新婦
Jin Taiyuan 媳婦子、兒媳婦
Xinzhou 媳婦兒
Min Bei Jian'ou 新婦
Min Dong Fuzhou 新婦
Min Nan Quanzhou 新婦囝新婦
Xiamen 新婦囝新婦
Zhangzhou 新婦囝新婦
Taipei 新婦
Kaohsiung 新婦
Tainan 新婦
Taichung 新婦
Yilan 新婦
Lukang 新婦
Sanxia 新婦
Kinmen 新婦
Magong 新婦
Hsinchu 新婦
Malaysia 新婦
Chaozhou 新婦
Haikou 新婦
Leizhou 新婦
Pinghua Nanning 新婦
Wu Shanghai 新婦
Suzhou 新婦
Hangzhou 新婦
Wenzhou 新婦
Chongming 新婦
Danyang 新婦
Jinhua 新婦
Ningbo 新婦
Xiang Changsha 媳婦
Shuangfeng 媳婦
Loudi 媳婦