Definition 2023





съм (sǎm) (see also бъда)

  1. To be.
    Аз съм оптимист. - I am an optimist.
    Аз съм на една лодка. - I'm on a boat."
    "Аз съм щастлив. - I'm happy."
    Чашата е на масата. - The cup is on the table.
    Небето е синьо. - The sky is blue.
  2. (auxiliary) Used with the past active aorist participle to form various perfect and renarrative tenses.
    Виждал съм го. - I have seen him.
    Вече бях ял. - I had already eaten.
    Ще сме свършили. - We will have finished.
    Щяхме да сме пристигнали. - We would have arrived.
    Бил писал. - He reportedly has/had written.
  3. (auxiliary) Used with the past active impefect participle to form some renarrative tenses.
    Пишел е. - He reportedly was writing.
  4. (auxiliary) Used with the past passive participle to form the passive voice.
    Убит е. - He has been killed.
    Беше убит. - He had been killed.