Definition 2023





withstay (third-person singular simple present withstays, present participle withstaying, simple past and past participle withstayed)

  1. (transitive) To hold back; oppose; withstand.
    • 1854, S. T. Dobell, Balder iii. 10:
      Death, careful of my learning, hath withstayed His final presence.
    • 1885, R. Bridges, Eros & Psyche iii. v. 29:
      It filled the passage of the rising glade, And there withstayed the sun in dazzling sheen.
    • 2008, Aldo Covello, Società italiana di fisica, Struttura Dei Nuclei Lontano Dalla Valle Di Stabilità:
      More interestingly the shock has sufficiently high temperatures that nuclear binding cannot withstay and matter is ejected as free protons and neutrons from the neutron star surface.