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sojer (plural sojers)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of soldier, representing nonstandardly-pronounced English.
    • 1876, Various, Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. XVII, No. 99, March, 1876:
      Depositing his burden upon a little stand within easy reach of the sofa, Billy turned to leave, but paused as his eye wandered down the opening vista of the avenue, and after gazing for a moment in silence he suddenly exclaimed, "Dere's two sojer gemplemans comin' t'rough de big gate."
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, “Audrey Satchell And The Parson And Clerk”, in A Few Crusted Characters (in Life's Little Ironies):
      “ soon as they were married they would make out a holiday by driving straight off to Port Bredy, to see the ships and the sea and the sojers,..."
    • 1899, Finley Peter Dunne, Mr. Dooley In the Hearts of His Countrymen:
      As he passed, a young Fr-rinch sojer was with diff'culty resthrained fr'm sthrikin' him an' embracin' him with tears in his eyes.
    • 1929, Baldwyn Dyke Acland, chapter 2, in Filibuster:
      “One marble hall, with staircase complete, one butler and three flunkeys to receive a retired sojer who dares to ring the bell. D'you know, old boy, I gave my bowler to the butler, whangee to one flunkey, gloves to another, and there was the fourth poor blighter looking like an orphan at a Mothers' Meeting. …"