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A selvage.


selvage (countable and uncountable, plural selvages)

  1. (weaving) The edge of a woven fabric, where the weft (side-to-side) threads run around the warp (top to bottom) threads, creating a finished edge.
  2. Any edge of fabric finished so as to prevent raveling.
    • 1803, Erasmus Darwin, The Temple of Nature, The Gutenberg Project, published 2008:
      Her stately limbs the gather'd folds surround, / And spread their golden selvage on the ground.
  3. (printing) The excess area of any printed or perforated sheet, such as the border on a sheet of postage stamps or the wide margins of an engraving.
  4. (geology) A distinct border of a mass of igneous rock. It is usually fine-grained or glassy due to rapid cooling.
  5. (geology) Clay-like material found along and around a geological fault.
  6. The edge plate of a lock, through which the bolt passes.
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