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sapote (plural sapotes)

  1. The soft, edible fruit of various South American trees, including the sapodilla.
    • 2009 June 28, John Anderson, “His Weird Side: That’s Where the Fun Is”, in New York Times:
      Besides, the theater gives him a rush that can only be equaled by, perhaps, the healthy fruiting of a white sapote.
    1. Sapotaceae species:
      1. Manilkara zapota, sapodilla, naseberry, native to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, and possibly El Salvador.
      2. Pouteria campechiana, yellow sapote, native to Mexico and Central America.
      3. Pouteria sapota, mamey sapote, from southern Mexico to northern South America.
      4. Pouteria viridis, green sapote, native to lowland southern Mexico.
    2. Ebenaceae species:
      1. Diospyros digyna, black sapote, from eastern Mexico south to Colombia.
      2. Diospyros texana, chapote, is native to the lower Rio Grande valley region in Texas and Mexico.
    3. Rutaceae species:
      1. Casimiroa edulis, white sapote, native to northern and central Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.