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  1. square (in other than mathematical context)
  2. rectangle (in other than mathematical context)
  3. box (a small square on a form that may e.g. be checked)
  4. hash, square, pound sign (#-symbol)
  5. (card games) diamond; diamonds
  6. screen (informational viewing area of electronic output devices)
    • TV-ruutu = TV-screen
  7. pane (individual sheet of glass in a window)
  8. check (a square or rectangular in a checkered pattern)
    Pöytäliinassa oli punaisia ja valkoisia ruutuja.
    The tablecloth had red and white checks.
  9. hopscotch, hoppers (child's game)
  10. (heraldry) fusil


Inflection of ruutu (Kotus type 1/valo, t-d gradation)
nominative ruutu ruudut
genitive ruudun ruutujen
partitive ruutua ruutuja
illative ruutuun ruutuihin
singular plural
nominative ruutu ruudut
accusative nom. ruutu ruudut
gen. ruudun
genitive ruudun ruutujen
partitive ruutua ruutuja
inessive ruudussa ruuduissa
elative ruudusta ruuduista
illative ruutuun ruutuihin
adessive ruudulla ruuduilla
ablative ruudulta ruuduilta
allative ruudulle ruuduille
essive ruutuna ruutuina
translative ruuduksi ruuduiksi
instructive ruuduin
abessive ruudutta ruuduitta
comitative ruutuineen


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