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Proper noun

  • Leetspeak: "1 pwnd s|_|m n00bz"
  • Transliteration: "I owned some newbies."
  • Formal English: "I soundly defeated some newcomers."


  1. (chiefly Internet slang) A form of chatspeak characterized most strongly by its alphanumeric substitutions.
    • 1996 May 7, Weigle, Thomas, “Re: Realmz Scenario Summary”, in, Usenet, retrieved 2016-07-15, message-ID <>:
      well, after all i am a student of languages... which lets me peek into sociology now and then. i haven't studied the 'leet guys very much, but it seems to me that as they all understand their form of "communication", the main purpose (ie separating themselves as a group from the mainstream) is successful. especially as it is almost impossible to understand leetspeak at first.
    • 1997 June 12, KaFRoKa, “Re: Another new cascade!”, in, Usenet, retrieved 2016-07-15, message-ID <5npiei$lrn$>:
      Murg is God [It's "/\/\U|>,g 15 g4\/\/D" in l33tsp33k]
    • 1998 May 24, Cantrick, Ben, “Re: Abuse of alphanumerics. Why do haX0r d00dz do it?”, in alt.2600, Usenet, retrieved 2016-07-15, message-ID <6k9pf8$>:
      People associate "l33t-speak" with hackers, so when new hackers start to get into the scene they assume they need to write like that, which perpetuates the belief that hackers use l33t-sp34k.

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