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jinky (comparative jinkier, superlative jinkiest)

  1. mazy, windy, zigzagging
    • 1988, Michael King, One of the boys?: changing views of masculinity in New Zealand, page 100:
      Trap the long ball to the wing on the run, carry it down the touch-line at speed, passing the half-back with a body-swerve, take the ball almost to the corner flag, then cut inside the fullback with a jinky one-two, and place the ball [...]
    • 1990, Bob Ferrier, The world atlas of golf courses, page 76:
      The 2nd is a jinky little 345 yards, and is anything but simple. A large eucalyptus tree on the right, 100 yards out, shuts off half of the target area from the tee. A big bunker on the left at 220 yards tightens it even further, [...]
    • 1999 Irish Independent - Bell rings warning over Leslie
      He's also quite jinky off his feet. He steps through tackles and offloads there are no frills. He brings other players into the game.
    • 2006, Telegraph - Tevez must sharpen up before axe needs to fall
      Coming out second best then, he then tried a jinky dribble from right to left, only to find McCann standing in his way again.
    • 2007 John O'Groat Journal - Millbank Man o' Steel event brings season to a close
      Darren was the smallest on the pitch he is certainly not fazed by the bigger lads and his jinky runs regularly stretched the opposition to the limit
    • 2009 Scotsman - Rugby: Victory would be perfect birthday gift
      "Unfortunately it was my faster, jinkier pals who could get past the security guards and I'd always end up getting stopped"

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