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high jinks


Alternative forms


high jinks (plural high jinks)

  1. Boisterous activity or behaviour, especially in sport; lively fun.
    • 1861, Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown at Oxford.
      "for all sorts of high jinks go on on the grass-plot, and the row on the staircases is often as bad, and not half so respectable ...".
  2. Tricky and/or humorous behavior
    • 1912, Stratemeyer Syndicate, Baseball Joe on the School Nine Chapter 1
      "That's what happened to me the last time you fired a high snowball. Peaches. That's why I didn't want you to try another while I'm around. You wait until I'm off the campus if you've got to indulge in high jinks. Come on now, fellows, since Peaches has promised to behave himself, let the merry dance go on. Have you tried a shot, Joe? Or you, Sister," and Teeter looked at the newcomers.