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, in some names, signifies hall.

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See also: hal, Hal, HAL, hál, hàl, hâl, häl, and hæl



hål n

  1. a hole (in the ground)
    Se upp för det där hålet i marken.
    Watch out for the hole in the ground.
  2. a hole, an opening in something solid
    Det är ett hål i hinken.
    There is a hole in the bucket.
  3. a hole, a weakness, a flaw
    Hon slog hål på hans teori.
    She punched a hole in his theory.
  4. a hole (in a tooth)
  5. (golf) a hole, a part of a golf course or game leading up to a hole
  6. (physics) a hole; in semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle


Inflection of hål 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative hål hålet hål hålen
Genitive håls hålets håls hålens

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