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give one's eye-teeth


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give one's eye-teeth

  1. To sacrifice something valuable
    • 1836, James B. Dow, The Way-Mark, Chapter VI, The end of the Drunkard, page 133:
      Your real sea-dog will give his eye-teeth for a glass of grog; it is a fact, that many a tooth has been drawn in exchange for rum.
    • 1866, Bayard Taylor, The Story of Kennett, Chapter XXVI, The Last of Sandy Flash, page 311:
      Sandy Flash burst into a roaring laugh. “Him! Ah-ha! you think we go snacks, eh? Do I look like a fool? Barton'd give his eye-teeth to put the halter round my neck with his own hands! No, no, young man; I have ways and ways o' learnin' things that you nor him'll never guess.”