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gate crash

See also: gatecrash and gate-crash



gate crash (third-person singular simple present gate crashes, present participle gate crashing, simple past and past participle gate crashed)

  1. (very rare) Alternative form of gatecrash
    • 1968, Omar Kureishi, Out to Lunch, Vision Publications, page 21:
      A total stranger, cannot as a rule, gate crash a purely private party, though cases do exist when this has been done.
    • 1996, Sheila Walsh, Honestly, Zondervan (1997), ISBN 0-310-21916-7, page 108:
      One of the women in my group was staying at the same hotel, but she had plans to be with friends that first night and I did not want to “gate crash” her time.
    • 2007, Tony Bell, Life in the Bus Lane, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Pu, ISBN 978-184386-266-6, page 264:
      Out on the “strip”, it was party night, so we gate crashed the evening.
    • 1970, Miles Wolff, Lunch at the five and ten: the Greensboro sit-ins: a contemporary history, page 24:
      It was 1936 when the twenty-year-old "Ruffles" Johns announced to the press that he was going to attempt the biggest gate crash of his young career.

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