Definition 2022





foresightly (comparative more foresightly, superlative most foresightly)

  1. (rare) Possessing, exercising, or demonstrating great care or foresight; thoughtful; provident.
    • 1893, William Gershom Collingwood, The life of John Ruskin:
      I have thought more of it than you have done — for I have two or three presents carefully [laid] by for her, and I have also been so foresightly as to purchase two Dutch toys for your Children in case you might marry before we had free [...]
    • 1992, R. A. Lafferty, Iron Tears:
      "I suppose that you, as a foresightly person, have made arrangements to turn all your cases and clients over to some other Analyst in the event of your timely (for to an Analyst nothing is untimely) death" Jonah asked matter-of-factly [...]