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fee splitting

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fee splitting (usually uncountable, plural fee splittings)

  1. (business) The practice, usually of questionable ethicality, by some professionals, such as medical doctors and lawyers, of sending a client to a second practitioner for an additional consultation in order to obtain another payment from the client or from his or her insurer, and in return for which the original practitioner receives a portion of the payment made to the second practitioner (a "commission" or "piece of the action").
    • 1986 July 6, Dr. Carl Weber, “Westchester Opinion: Challenge to Doctor's Ethics Emerges”, in New York Times:
      While it is impossible to remove all financial pressures from the decision-making process, there are some practices, such as fee splitting, that are unethical because they so strongly influence practice patterns solely on the basis of financial considerations.
    • 1997, Lauch Faircloth, Connie Mack, editors, Problems Surrounding the Mortgage Origination Process: Congressional Hearing, ISBN 9780788186899, page 208:
      Some commenters believed that implementation of the employer-employee exemption would allow abusive practices to occur such as kickbacks, tie-ins, fee splittings, and conflicts of interest.
    • 2008 March 25, Manjeet Kripalani, “Indian Pharma: Hooked on the Hard Sell”, in Businessweek:
      The report complained of "a clear nexus between private medical practitioners and pharmacy shops," and "fee-splitting between diagnostic centres and referring doctors."

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