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diving board

See also: diving-board


Alternative forms


diving board (plural diving boards)

  1. A springboard used for diving into water.
    • 1875, The Herald of Health, page 77:
      The spring diving board is four feet above the water, but there is another diving board five feet higher than this one.
    • 1961 May 1, Popular Science, volume 178, number 5, page 173:
      when a laminated wood diving board begins to split at the seams, there's just one thing to do: cut it apart and glue it back together.
    • 2000, Benno Maurus Nigg, Biomechanics and Biology of Movement, page 54:
      A piece of equipment (e.g., a sport surface or a diving board) stores energy when deformed and releases this energy when the deformation restores.
  2. A diving platform.