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  1. plural of crossroad
  2. A place where one road crosses another; an intersection of two or more roads.
  3. (by extension) A centrally located position
  4. (by analogy) A decision point; a turning point or opportunity to change direction, course, or goal.
  5. (nonstandard) A fork in the road.
    • 2005, Phil Nordyke, All American, all the way: the combat history of the 82nd Airborne, page 723:
      The Company A commander, Captain Helmer, was at the crossroads where the road split, with the left fork leading to Udenbreth, when he saw a group of men coming toward him.
    • 2010, Raeanne Thayne, A Cold Creek Baby, page 199:
      When she reached the crossroads where the trail split, one part of her yearned to head toward the lake.


  • 1955, Therese Pol, The judge and his hangman, translation of original by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, page 48:
    But first he stopped his car at the crossroads where the highway forked off to Gastmann's house.
  • 2005, Jake Logan, Slocum and the Sierra Madras Gold:
    The shiny wet black triangle at the crossroads of where her legs split.
  • 2010, M. K. Hobson, The Native Star:
    When they came to a crossroads where the road split off into four cardinal directions, Stanton stood squinting up at the signpost for a long time.