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becraze (third-person singular simple present becrazes, present participle becrazing, simple past and past participle becrazed)

  1. (transitive) To make crazed or crazy
    • 1855, E. S. Davis, Seven Thunders:
      Under the influence of those very spirits of devils, which peep and mutter, rap and tip tables, and becraze the weak; the same devils that impelled Gov. Seymour to veto the bill prohibiting the liquor traffic, in direct opposition to the wishes of his constituents; [...]
    • 1981, Oregon National Historic Trail:
      Such horrid noises caused by the braying of the asses, lowing of oxen, screaming of women and children with the fiendish cursing and swearing shouted in all languages by furious madmen was enough to becraze the greatest stoic in all Christendom.

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