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aviatrix (plural aviatrices)

  1. (dated) A female aviator.
    • 1969, William Dana Orcutt, Celebrities Off Parade: Pen-and-ink Portrait Sketches, ISBN 0836914244, page 111:
      “... — Did you know that she was an aviatrix?” he interjected.
    • 1987, Pat Browne, Heroines of Popular Culture, ISBN 0879724099, page 54:
      The Women Flyers: From Aviatrix to Astronaut
    • 2001, Roger E. Bilstein, Flight in America: From the Wrights to the Astronauts, ISBN 08011866855, page 22:
      Hariet Quimby, a writer for Leslie's Weekly, in 1911 became the first American aviatrix and won international accalim in 1912 as the first woman to pilot a plan across the English Channel.
    • 2002, Deena Mandrell, Deadbeat Dads: Subjectivity and Social Construction, ISBN 0802083188, page 307:
      In 1929 she turned an ide that she ‘stole’ from her son into a screenplay, Wings in the Dark, featuring a protagonist based on Ameria Earhart, the famous aviatrix with whom Shipman was acquainted...

Usage notes

  • In common usage, the etymologically-consistent plural form aviatrices is over three times more common than the Anglicised plural form aviatrixes.[1]



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