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Teslaphile (plural Teslaphiles)

  1. An aficionado or fan of the scientist Nikola Tesla.
    • 1993 September 13, Kevin D Quitt, “Looking for analysis of Tesla Turbines”, in sci.physics, Usenet:
      Disclaimer: While I admire the man's accomplishments, I am not a Teslaphile. That said, I am interested in help analysing the capabilities of Tesla's turbine design.
    • 1998, WA1TBY, TNX W8WFB, Dixie Amateur Rado Club May 1997 newsletter, 73 Amateur Radio Today
      Attention, Teslaphiles! You may recall articles by John Wagner W8AHB urging more recognition of Nikola Tesla and his contributions to science
    • 1999 October 5, Jim Schafer, Jr., “(yet another) List of incredibles!”, in, Usenet:
      The story I've always heard, as a Teslaphile, says that the concept (I don't know about the actual device used) was invented by Thomas Edison to scare people away from alternating current.
  2. An aficionado or fan of Tesla Motors or its products, particularly the vehicles