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  1. A place associated with a specified thing.
  2. A device associated with a specified function.

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From Latin -ārium.



  1. -arium
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Etymology 1

Neuter substantive of -ārius.


-ārium n (genitive -āriī); second declension

  1. Used to form nouns denoting a "place where things are kept" from other nouns.
    arma (weapons, tools)armārium (closet, chest)
    sōl (sun)sōlārium (sundial, house-top)
Usage notes
  • -ārium of purpose: All usages of the -ārium suffix are properly neuter substantivisations for adjectives derived in -ārius from existing substantives. In most cases, the relationship between the two nouns is `place where;' this usage has been productive in all periods of Classical and post-Classical Latin. In addition, the same suffix has continued to be used to designate novel items according to their purposes. This class constitute approximately a quarter of commonly used -ārium suffixations. Adjectives in -ārius are generally formed from numerals or nouns.
    sūdor (sweat)sūdarius (sweaty)[1]sūdārium (handkerchief)
    mīlle (thousand)milliārius (relating to miles or thousands)milliārium (milepost)
    album (the colour white)albārius (relating to whitening walls)albārium (stucco)
  • -ārium by analogy: three commonly used nouns have been formed by analogy from adjectives or verbs:
    viridārium (hunting preserve, from viridis)
    inventārium (inventory, from inveniō)
    caldārium (hottest room in a Roman bath, from caldus)
  • -ārium for re-substantivation: four commonly used nouns are re-substantivated versions of cognate nouns formed directly from the adjectives in -ārium: pampinārium (vine tendril), alveārium (beehive), cellārium (pantry, cellar), and fustuārium (death by cudgeling). With the exception of cellārium, which was first attested in the fourth century, the remaining words were likely coined prior to the first millennium.

Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative -ārium -āria
genitive -āriī -āriōrum
dative -āriō -āriīs
accusative -ārium -āria
ablative -āriō -āriīs
vocative -ārium -āria
Derived terms
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Etymology 2

Non-lemma forms.



  1. genitive feminine plural of -āris
  2. genitive masculine plural of -āris
  3. genitive neuter plural of -āris
  4. nominative neuter plural of -ārius
  5. accusative neuter plural of -ārius
  6. vocative neuter plural of -ārius


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