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Ancient Greek


σφενδόνη (sphendónē) f (genitive σφενδόνης); first declension

  1. a sling
    1. a sling as part of a crane used in unloading ships
  2. anything fundiform:
    1. (medicine) a sling:
      1. for a disabled arm
      2. a suspensory abdominal bandage
        • 460 BCE – 370 BCE, Hippocrates, On the Nature of the Woman 2.144
        • 50 CE – 150 CE, Soranus, Fasc. 48
    2. a headband worn by women, broad in front
    3. a bezel, a collet (the hoop of a ring in which the gemstone is set as in a sling; especially, the outer or broader part round the stone)
    4. a sclera (the white of an eye)
      • 100 CE – 200 CE, Pollux, Onomasticon 2.70
  3. a slingstone (a stone, bullet, or other such missile or projectile thrown by a sling)
    1. a hailstone